Money, Marriage & Prenups? The Best Move You Can Make As Professional/Entrepreneur

This is a very serious conversation. A prenup isn’t something designated as a “thing for rich people”. It’s not. So many professional women end up in some toxic, dragged out and financially draining situations due to NOT having something in place prior to the divorce. Imagine discussing your 401K, Savings, your home, credit and even your frequent flyer miles while you are in a loving and respectful place VS discussing all of that while emotions are high and feelings are hurt. This is a must listen for so many upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals that can save from one the biggest heartaches of your life….

Do I Address The BLM Movement On My LinkedIn & On My Business’s Platform?

This is by far the most emotional and passionate podcast I’ve ever recorded to date.

How do you address this and how does it position you as a leader? How does this impact business?

The BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT allows us to really see people.. no matter how educated…. rich or powerful. WE are finally seeing that some public figures & corporations who choose to purposely ignore black issues, are being called to the carpet. Let’s talk about how this is changing corporate America & business. The wrong move in such a time can be a deadly blow to your public image and business. So what’s the move? We’re angry, confused and hurt…. we can’t package it nicely. So the question is how do we do this? As a white business owner, executive leader what do you say to your black team? This is the conversation we’re about to delve into…..

Shout out to ELISE DARMA for doing an amazing job at opening this up on her platform.


No commercial, No fluff…. just a straight shooter.

Sakita Douglas

The Most Important Conversation Of Your Career

Join us for an power packed 30 minute conversation on exactly what type of approach and conversation you need to understand to increase your visibility, negotiate more than your standard raise and truly establish a professional brand for yourself. This conversation dives right into that and its led by Sakita Douglas. She’s an amazing mentor and I’m so glad to have her on as she addresses a conversation that she once had to have with me early on in my career. Sakita has a book coming out this MAY 2020 so make sure to follow her on LinkedIn to stay connected and see more what she’s working on.

Here’s more about Sakita,
Sakita Douglas is the founder and senior principal consultant of TMR Solutions Group located in Houston, Texas.  TMR is a consultancy focused on delivering pragmatic HR and Talent solutions to clients facing immediate challenges within their human capital life cycle.  This includes culture, people, process, technology assessments and integrations most frequently in mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs.  Sakita is a graduate of Texas A&M Commerce, where she received a Organizational Leadership.
Sakita is passionate about career strategy and optimization and the intersectionality of corporate performance and personal outcomes. She is a highly sought-after speaker and moderator. In 2010 she created and facilitated “Interview Camp”, a career strategy bootcamp geared towards African-American men for seven years at Houston Community College and is the author of “Step Up Your Game: Five Fundamental Principles for Career Success,” which will be published in December 2019.
A native Houstonian, Sakita is an enthusiastic member of our community and enjoys travel, reading, dog parks and anything Tex-Mex.
This episode was bro

Elon “MUSK” If You “MUST”

This is my most anticipated podcast episode of 2019!

What must you do to increase the chances of success in your business? Well, lets look at your business from an investors perspective will Wall Street Mogul approach….

How do you cut right to the chase and take it from “side hustle” to something investors would chase you down to invest in? In this episode we are discussing exactly how one the the most successful entrepreneurs of our time generated so much wealth in under a decade… He take his future competitors failures, market knowledge gaps, his weakness and created a business model that can’t be duplicated due to its ability to connect the dots. I’m giving you a free blueprint on the … (drum roll) ELON MUSK APPROACH! So if you are a serial entrepreneur this is for you… ELON MUSK If you MUST!

Elon Musk is dubbed one of the greatest entrepreneurs of times. There are so many lessons in his successes and failures. In this podcast I am discussing how to avoid overspending and get right to earning profits.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” Elon Musk

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Recession got you worried about stability?  You need access now, because this is the last run for this often sold out Workshop!

Join Daniella, one of the most respected & sought after strategist & advisors to executive teams in oil and gas and one of the most sought advisor to leaders in energy, oil and gas. She’s contributed to Wallstreet Journal and various pieces in industry magazines. Now she’s doing a session that you can have access to.

The money is good in energy, oil and gas but the flip side is that when the market slows, hits a slump or a recession kicks in things can get really scary as companies run lean…. 

So if the recession has you fearsome about the stability of your family, you need access now, because this is the last run for this often sold out Workshop!


  • Find out what upcoming markets will be seeking energy, oil and gas professionals like gold and how to stand out for more opportunities now
  • What magic formula are you missing on your Linkedin Profile now that can increase your engagement rate with recruiters 
  • How to pivot for the leadership opportunity you want on your Linkedin, resumé’ and at work now. 
  • This workshop is a necessity because you need to negotiation tactics that will not only get you what you actually want & deserve 

End Of Year Reset Challenge: Part 1- Facing Failure

This is an episode you don’t want to miss! This is a truly personal episode that took alot out of me to record because it’s so sensitive. But I wanted pull my audience in on exactly what I do at the end of every year. I take inventory. This year I am launching a free challenge, the first and most important phase of this is facing failure, weaknesses and areas of inefficiency. Listen up and see exactly how you can make a bee line straight to executing your goals more effectively and quicker. Join our end of year challenge to end procrastination and take a real inventory of your year and make a real actionable plan  to have an explosive 2020! Go to my instagram @SLAYPEDIA  and click the link in the bio to download your worksheet. Follow me and turn on your notifications to ensure you catch all of the Live Episodes on my instagram where you can ask questions and really get a break through… its all FREE!

The Atmosphere Series: What’s Creeping In?

You have a big dream but a plethora of issues and obstacles? If you feel you have lost control of your situation or you are attracting bad energy this podcast is your remedy! Listen up to really get to the bottom of what is creeping in.

Someone Stole My Idea!

Calm Down! We will talk about the Warren Buffet approach to ensuring you only soar and grow..consistently. We will also discuss how to avoid spilling the beans on your projects to the wrong person. If you find interest in this topic its probably becaus…

The Jeff Bezos Exercise

Could it be your not dreaming big enough? Need mentors now?  Well, on this Motivation Monday episode we will review some tips and tricks from Jeff Bezos and discuss my secret to having access to the best mentors in business!

From Burnout To Powerhouse: Fail Better Ep. 03

This is by far my most personal episode yet & powerful episode yet……(deep breath). You will have so many “ah-ha” moments! I am talking about a serious consequence to the constant on the go lifestyle, lack of planning and being green as an entrepren…

The Tools Of Moguls And Tycoons Accessible To You Ep. 02

It’s a true gem for entrepreneurs looking for grants, investors and market advice for their pitch and/or business plan. It’s also jammed packed with jewels for the professional in corporate America that has executive leadership in their career plan and or path. This advice is free and takes less than 15 minutes. It’s a must listen and download! These are the go to daily resources of Warren Buffet and many well known moguls and tycoons!

To get the list of resources please be sure to check out my Facebook and or Instagram to get the links! All my social media handles are @Slaypedia