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Money, Marriage & Prenups? The Best Move You Can Make As Professional/Entrepreneur

This is a very serious conversation. A prenup isn’t something designated as a “thing for rich people”. It’s not. So many professional women end up in some toxic, dragged out and financially draining situations due to NOT having something in place prior to the divorce. Imagine discussing your 401K, Savings, your home, credit and even your frequent flyer miles while you are in a loving and respectful place VS discussing all of that while emotions are high and feelings are hurt. This is a must listen for so many upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals that can save from one the biggest heartaches of your life….

Do I Address The BLM Movement On My LinkedIn & On My Business’s Platform?

This is by far the most emotional and passionate podcast I’ve ever recorded to date.

How do you address this and how does it position you as a leader? How does this impact business?

The BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT allows us to really see people.. no matter how educated…. rich or powerful. WE are finally seeing that some public figures & corporations who choose to purposely ignore black issues, are being called to the carpet. Let’s talk about how this is changing corporate America & business. The wrong move in such a time can be a deadly blow to your public image and business. So what’s the move? We’re angry, confused and hurt…. we can’t package it nicely. So the question is how do we do this? As a white business owner, executive leader what do you say to your black team? This is the conversation we’re about to delve into…..

Shout out to ELISE DARMA for doing an amazing job at opening this up on her platform.


No commercial, No fluff…. just a straight shooter.