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The Atmosphere Series: What’s Creeping In?

You have a big dream but a plethora of issues and obstacles? If you feel you have lost control of your situation or you are attracting bad energy this podcast is your remedy! Listen up to really get to the bottom of what is creeping in.

Someone Stole My Idea!

Calm Down! We will talk about the Warren Buffet approach to ensuring you only soar and grow..consistently. We will also discuss how to avoid spilling the beans on your projects to the wrong person. If you find interest in this topic its probably becaus…

The Jeff Bezos Exercise

Could it be your not dreaming big enough? Need mentors now?  Well, on this Motivation Monday episode we will review some tips and tricks from Jeff Bezos and discuss my secret to having access to the best mentors in business!

From Burnout To Powerhouse: Fail Better Ep. 03

This is by far my most personal episode yet & powerful episode yet……(deep breath). You will have so many “ah-ha” moments! I am talking about a serious consequence to the constant on the go lifestyle, lack of planning and being green as an entrepren…

The Tools Of Moguls And Tycoons Accessible To You Ep. 02

It’s a true gem for entrepreneurs looking for grants, investors and market advice for their pitch and/or business plan. It’s also jammed packed with jewels for the professional in corporate America that has executive leadership in their career plan and or path. This advice is free and takes less than 15 minutes. It’s a must listen and download! These are the go to daily resources of Warren Buffet and many well known moguls and tycoons!

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What Wealthy People Don’t Do Ep. 01

MINDSET: This episode will tackle the mindset and habits of successful entrepreneurs in my circle of influence, who have to climbed their way to success and inspired me. I recently joined a success/mastermind group of extremely successful entrepreneurs. Being around them has completely changed my relationship with money and my perception in facing risks in business. Listen up to hear what I learned in 2017 from some the most successful entrepreneurs in the south!